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Small, Smart, and Simply Spectacular

The big buzz word in technology these days is the word “SMART”. We’ve got smart phones, smart cars, and now everyone is even talking about Smart TV’s.

The question is what the heck is a smart TV. Will this thing do your kids math homework, will it talk back to you, just what does “smart” really mean?

In this weeks Tech Tip I’ll tell you all about it, as well as give you a great gift idea that’ll help you turn your existing “dumb” tv into a smart one.

Show Notes:

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Posted by on November 22, 2011 in Gadgets, News, Review, Television


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Talking Babies and TinkerNut

Most of my tech tips consist of… well… Tips, tips on apps for your smart phone, tips on some great web tools, tips on how to pick the right gadget, but this week I thought I’d go with something that’s more focused on fun.



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Posted by on March 15, 2011 in Lifestyle, Television, Websites


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AR You Ready For This?

With more and more people owning smart phones, or I perhaps I should say less and less people not owning smart phones a technology that is really starting to take off is called Augmented Reality. In this weeks Tech Tip I’m sharing just a few of the augmented reality apps that showcase this new technology and give us a peek at what the future might hold.
Show Notes: wikitude, ARsoccer, Word lens, wikitude drive
Other AR Apps: Visit for a great list of Augmented Reality Apps
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