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Finding That Digital Flip Flop

Last week I confessed that I am not exactly one of the most organized people on the planet. My lack of organizational skills means that I’m constantly playing this game of hide and seek with myself. I’m often scrambling to find my wallet, my keys, my sunglasses, that electric bill that I have to pay etc.

I have all of these little “safe places” around the house where I tend to put stuff, places where the kids won’t be able to get access to them, or where I convince myself I’ll easily be able to find them later, but the truth is more often than not my wife and kids are waiting impatiently in the car when it’s time to go someplace while daddy runs around the house like a mad man trying to find his other flip flop.

Unfortunately lately I’ve been noticing that finding stuff in my digital life is becoming nearly as frantic as my real one. I’ve got so many different digital safe places that I put stuff that remembering exactly where each thing is has become a bit of a nightmare.

In this weeks Tech Tip I’m sharing a new tool that i’ve discovered that is helping me combat the frantic game of hide and seek and giving me an edge when it comes to finding that digital equivalent of my missing flip flop.

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Finally! A Volume Button

My relationship with social media has always been sort of a love hate relationship. I love what facebook and twitter allow me to do in connecting with friends, family, acquaintances, but I have a real frustration.

As useful as these tools are I have really grown to hate all of the noise that social media gives me. The one thing that has really been missing in my opinion is a volume button.

Sometimes I just want to turn down the volume on those people who are constantly talking about their cats maybe even mute them, but always have the option to turn their volume back up just in case.

In this weeks Tech Tip I’m sharing with you a new social service that not only let’s me control the volume of my social stream but control just how loud I’m talking and who I’m talking to.

If you’re looking for an invite to google plus let me know I’ve got em and I’m willing to share 🙂


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a trip down MEMOry LANE

This day in age, we’ve all got digital camera’s, facebook pages, twitter accounts, and some of us even upload home video’s to youtube, but with all of this great technology the one great thing that has kind of become obsolete are those wonderful photo albums filled with past memories .

These days it’s largely about realtime sharing every day we see what’s happening NOW with our friends and family everything is happening so quickly that we don’t often get to take that proverbial trip down memory lane.
So this week I thought it would be a great opportunity to share a new site that helps us bring together all of the different digital memories we’ve been sharing over the last few years into a great timeline of our lives.

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