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Thanks for Sharing

The internet gives us so many opportunities to share the things that we are interested in and to discover other’s with similar interestes. This week I’m showing you two AWESOME tools for sharing with others online.

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Feel Free to Experiment

I love to experiment with the newest services and tools that are available online. In addition I have found that selling stuff on craigslist, ebay etc is much better than having to hold a garage sale. However the only way to really use many of these services is to give them my email address or ugh in some cases even my phone number.

Luckily there are a few services out there designed specifically for people like me who want to try out these tools without giving them access to my personal info.

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Dabble Babble

I’m always excited to see the types of people that this podcast attracts and one of the groups of people that has really surprised me has been the teachers. I recently found out that Tech Tip Tuesday is being used in several classrooms across the country, the students and teacher are watching my tech tips in class and discussing afterwards the topic that I covered and using some of the tools I’ve mentioned as classwork.

So this week I thought I’d share a tool that is especially useful for teachers and students but should certainly not be ignored by the rest of us.

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