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Cloudy With a Chance of Confusion

The big buzzword these days seems to be “The Cloud” everyone wants to be a part of it, everyone wants to use it, everyone wants to know more about what it can do for them, but more importantly everyone seems to be asking what the heck is it?

In this weeks Tech Tip I’ll explain what this cloud thing is, why it’s so important, and I’ll share a great tool with you that will help you start to use it in your daily life.

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That New Computer Smell

A Few month’s ago I built a new computer for myself, one of the best parts of having a new computer is just how snappy it is. When you push the power button you’re up and running in no time and when you launch applications they pop onto the screen like they’re excited to be of service. Unfortunately this little honeymoon period doesn’t last forever and it’s not long before you are yelling at your machine to start up faster, and when it comes to launching programs everything seems to come to a screeching halt. In This weeks Tech Tip I’m sharing a great tool for helping you make that old computer run almost like new. Show Notes:
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Measy Does It!

When it comes to buying a new piece of technology the process of figuring out which one is right for YOU can often be a huge frustration. In this weeks Tech Tip I’m sharing a website which can help narrow down the plethora of options.
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