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A Great Gift for Gabbing on the Go

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it seems like nearly everyone these days are basically glued to their cell phones. The days of being tethered to the long curly cord dangling from the kitchen phone are gone and we are instead gabbing on the go.

In this weeks Tech Tip, I’m continuing the series on holiday gift ideas. This weeks tip is perfect for that phoneaholic in all of our lives.

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“V” Day

The iPhone is Finally available on Verizon. This day shall forever go down in history as “V” day! Ok… Maybe I’m overstating it a bit. Perhaps the iPhone coming to verizon isn’t quite worthy of having it’s own day named after it but there are still a ton of people excited about this choice. As a long time iphone fan I figured with a bunch of new iPhone users coming on board perhaps this would be a good time to go through a few of my MUST HAVE iPhone apps.
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