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Finding That Digital Flip Flop

Last week I confessed that I am not exactly one of the most organized people on the planet. My lack of organizational skills means that I’m constantly playing this game of hide and seek with myself. I’m often scrambling to find my wallet, my keys, my sunglasses, that electric bill that I have to pay etc.

I have all of these little “safe places” around the house where I tend to put stuff, places where the kids won’t be able to get access to them, or where I convince myself I’ll easily be able to find them later, but the truth is more often than not my wife and kids are waiting impatiently in the car when it’s time to go someplace while daddy runs around the house like a mad man trying to find his other flip flop.

Unfortunately lately I’ve been noticing that finding stuff in my digital life is becoming nearly as frantic as my real one. I’ve got so many different digital safe places that I put stuff that remembering exactly where each thing is has become a bit of a nightmare.

In this weeks Tech Tip I’m sharing a new tool that i’ve discovered that is helping me combat the frantic game of hide and seek and giving me an edge when it comes to finding that digital equivalent of my missing flip flop.

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Monkeying Around With Mail

Email is a terrific medium for reaching out to a large number of people.  It’s a great marketing tool for a business, a terrific way for a church or other such organization to send out announcements, and it’s a fun way to let a large number of friends see that funny email that someone else sent to you. But no one wants to be the one who’s emails cause the recipient to cringe when they see your name as the sender.

So…  How can you harness the power of mass email without being a nuisance, how can you see if those emails are even being looked at and by whom, and how can you let people opt out of being on your list without feeling like they would hurt your feelings?

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