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Not Just Another Word for Goodnight

I always get excited when someone introduces me to something that I haven’t seen before that actually solves a problem.

In this weeks tech Tip I am sharing a crazy cool tool that was introduced to me by a friend of mine Terry Rossi. If you’ve been watching these Tech Tips for a while you’ll be able to tell almost immediately why I like this weeks Tech Tip so much.

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The Web News Blues

No matter what gadget I turn on my first mouse click or tap of the screen in the case of my iPhone and iPad is to the internet. I am an admitted information junkie, several times a day I’m checking out news sites like engadget, gizmodo, espn, fox news, the associated press, and half a dozen others. But the one thing I don’t really pick up anymore is a newspaper. The idea of waiting for my paper to arrive and only getting my news once a day almost seems laughable.

But with the convenience of the internet come one major frustration, advertisements and other junk clutter up the screen making reading an article online less than ideal. In this weeks Tech Tip I’m going to share with you how I combat that annoyance and make the “paperless” news experience that much sweeter.

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Just a Bit of Spit

When I was in Highschool and college biology and Chemistry were by far two of my least favorite subjects. I always felt like “what’s the point” I’m not planning on becoming a doctor, I don’t forsee myself disecting anything for a living and having a better understanding of capillaries, enzymes, and genomes really wouldn’t impress anyone on a resume.

But when one of my viewers Don Pollitt whom I have since become friends with showed me the subject of this weeks Tech Tip I began to wish I’d paid better attention in my science classes.

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