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Sitting on hold… Leaves me cold…

First and foremost I would like to thank all the fans of Tech Tip Tuesday for all of your kind emails letting me know how much you’ve missed Tech Tip. I am trying to come back slowly with what I think are a little more personal, laid back style Tech Tips of stuff that I use and love.
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Nothing drives me more mad than sitting on hold when I’m trying to get help with something or I’m trying to get some “Customer Service”. In this, the return of Tech Tip Tuesday, I’m sharing a great service that has made that wait time a thing of the past.
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Special Thanks: To the students of HVA thanks again for the awesome gift you guys are a real motivation to me, and are in no small part, my reason for trying to figure out how to get Tech Tip Tuesday back on the air… or maybe I should say back on the web.

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Not Just Another Word for Goodnight

I always get excited when someone introduces me to something that I haven’t seen before that actually solves a problem.

In this weeks tech Tip I am sharing a crazy cool tool that was introduced to me by a friend of mine Terry Rossi. If you’ve been watching these Tech Tips for a while you’ll be able to tell almost immediately why I like this weeks Tech Tip so much.

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Personalizing That Present

Well the clock is officially ticking faster and faster, we are down to just two weeks before christmas. Well actually 11 days to be exact and it’s flying by. In this weeks Tech Tip I’m continuing the series on gift ideas for the holidays with an emphasis on some more personalized gifts. If you’re down to the wire with your shopping and are running short on ideas this weeks Tech Tip might be just what the doctor ordered.

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Cloudy With a Chance of Confusion

The big buzzword these days seems to be “The Cloud” everyone wants to be a part of it, everyone wants to use it, everyone wants to know more about what it can do for them, but more importantly everyone seems to be asking what the heck is it?

In this weeks Tech Tip I’ll explain what this cloud thing is, why it’s so important, and I’ll share a great tool with you that will help you start to use it in your daily life.

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The Magic of That Mix

With services like pandora, grooveshark, lastfm and about a billion other streaming music services, our own music libraries sometimes get ignored.

In this weeks Tech Tip I’m sharing the way that I’m getting MY music back just the way I like it.

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A Better Way to Boast

There was a study done in August of 2009 which found that nearly 45% of employers are using Google or social media sites to check up on potential job candidates. I can’t begin to imagine what that number has grown to today.

Whether you like it or not people may just be checking up on you via the web. Because of this fact it is more important than ever to make sure that if a potential employer or heck your current employer is doing some digging they see not just a bunch of random stuff about you but the information that you really want them to see.

If you’re in the market for a new job this Tech Tip is for you!

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It Feels New!

Perhaps you’re not in the market to upgrade to the new iPhone, or are just planning on holding off for a bit, but don’t worry if you’re an existing iPhone user you can still at least feel like you’ve got a new iphone, and in this weeks Tech Tip I’ll tell you how.

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• For more GREAT hands on video of the iphone 4s and ios5 check out


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