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Not Just Another Word for Goodnight

I always get excited when someone introduces me to something that I haven’t seen before that actually solves a problem.

In this weeks tech Tip I am sharing a crazy cool tool that was introduced to me by a friend of mine Terry Rossi. If you’ve been watching these Tech Tips for a while you’ll be able to tell almost immediately why I like this weeks Tech Tip so much.

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Cloudy With a Chance of Confusion

The big buzzword these days seems to be “The Cloud” everyone wants to be a part of it, everyone wants to use it, everyone wants to know more about what it can do for them, but more importantly everyone seems to be asking what the heck is it?

In this weeks Tech Tip I’ll explain what this cloud thing is, why it’s so important, and I’ll share a great tool with you that will help you start to use it in your daily life.

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The Magic of That Mix

With services like pandora, grooveshark, lastfm and about a billion other streaming music services, our own music libraries sometimes get ignored.

In this weeks Tech Tip I’m sharing the way that I’m getting MY music back just the way I like it.

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It Feels New!

Perhaps you’re not in the market to upgrade to the new iPhone, or are just planning on holding off for a bit, but don’t worry if you’re an existing iPhone user you can still at least feel like you’ve got a new iphone, and in this weeks Tech Tip I’ll tell you how.

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• For more GREAT hands on video of the iphone 4s and ios5 check out


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Death & Evolution

By now everyone knows that on wednesday of last week Apple’s co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs lost a 7 year battle with cancer.

Whether you’re an apple fan or an Apple hater there is no denying the impact that Steve Jobs had on the world we live in. Many have said that Steve Jobs really revolutionized the world of technology I would argue that in reality Steve Jobs has Evolutionized the world of technology.

Even with his passing Steve Jobs and Apple stand on the precipice of ushering in the next evolution of technology and in this weeks Tech Tip I’ll tell you all about it.

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Thanks for Sharing

The internet gives us so many opportunities to share the things that we are interested in and to discover other’s with similar interestes. This week I’m showing you two AWESOME tools for sharing with others online.

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The “Skinny” on Health Apps

Well Labor day is officially behind us and with it so is summer . The bathing suits are no longer hanging in the bathroom, and emptying the kiddie pool has already been written on the honey do list by my wife. For me it’s always a little sad when summer is in the rear view mirror but I have to admit Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I love the leaves changing color, I love the chilly nights but the thing I love the most about fall is the FOOD. It seems like every year it happens to all of us. We knock off some weight in the summer with all of the outdoor work and play but it’s almost inevitable that we start putting it back on in the fall.

Having said that I hope you don’t mind if I take just a second here to do a bit of bragging but this week I officially reached the 60 pound mark in my weightloss. In just over a year I’ve gone from weighing in at 245 pounds to my current weight of 185. And there aint NO chance I’m going to let this fall and winter put it back on me.

Luckily I’ve got a couple tools that I’m experimenting with that will help me to make sure I don’t go back to the old oversized me, and this week I’m going to share a few of them with you.

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