The Next Big Thing?

10 Jan

Today I am quite literally giddy with excitement, this week is what amounts to the superbowl for geeks the Consumer electronics show in Las Vegas Nevada. Each year at the beginning of January CES kicks off the year with all of the newest gadgets and gizmo’s which are on the horizon and this week I’ll be giving some insight into what might be the next big thing and more importantly telling you some of the best places to learn more about what’s being unveiled right now in the world of Tech.

Show Notes:

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One response to “The Next Big Thing?

  1. Jim Martin

    January 24, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Jim here.
    After buying a new auto radio w BlueTooth capabilities I’ve been catching up on podcasts instead of listening to the radio while enrounte, largely listening to Leo Laporte. He and Scott Wilkinson have been mentioning “3D audio” technology.
    They never quite finished up on just what is needed for the technology as to what to buy and what interface is needed if any at all.
    This curiosity about 3D audio comes after I realized that I frequently closed my eyes while listening to my ipod nano [no, not while I’m driving!] and “pictured” in my mind just where each instrument was located according to my sense of hearing. It’s amusing to imagine having David Benoit and his ensemble onstage AND I’m the one and only person in the audience!
    1) Would 3D audio make this possible in my living room?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    2) Also, as I’ve been tuning into Tech Tip Tuesday for the past several weeks – using a headphone to listen. . . . I’m only picking up the right side audio. Whereas, when you played a demo video of something [I forget what] both side played until you came back to yourself with only right side sound.
    Is this intended or an over sight?
    Still love them TTTs
    Jim Martin


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