Shake, Rattle, and Scroll

30 Aug

Since I met with you all last week it’s been a bit crazy here in the north east last tuesday we got a small earthquake and over the weekend we were smacked by hurricane irene. But it hasn’t been this crazy string of event’s that’s got me so excited this week, it’s the new role that social media is playing in my life that’s really got me thinking… We are truly living in world that is more closely connected than ever before and it’s about time we really start capitalizing on that.

Social media isn’t just about what someone ate for lunch, it’s not just a place to post cute pictures of our kids. Facebook, twitter, google plus and other social media sites truly are tools we all SHOULD be using to get information from the people we trust the most… Our friends and family.

So I thought this week would be a perfect opportunity to introduce you to a new tool that I’ve just learned about that helps us to tap into the benefits of social, to be able to find the relevant things that our friends may be posting on just about anything that we’re interested in. I am Jeff Clark, today is Tuesday August 30th 2011 and it’s time for another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday…

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2 responses to “Shake, Rattle, and Scroll

  1. Kimberly Mufferi (@KimberlyMufferi)

    September 8, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Thanks for sharing my tweet and info 🙂


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